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Last week Erin Andrews was awarded $55 million of the $75 million civil lawsuit she filed against a stalker who secretly recorded her naked body as she stayed at a Nashville Marriott hotel; the owner of the hotel was also included in the suit. As the sportscaster openly wept during the retelling of her experience, an employee of the hotel ownership group named in the suit issued an apology for watching the video at a restaurant with his friends after being outed on Twitter.


On Friday, Ashanti’s 10-year battle to see her stalker and harasser was finally, albeit temporarily, concluded. In a series of three increasingly insane trials, the final version featured the accused reading his own lewd tweets to the Grammy Award-winning singer as she sat on the stand, as the convicted chose to represent himself.

Let that sink in for a second. In the name of justice, a woman was subjected to a face-to-face physical reenactment of the harassing tweets and messages that lead to the trial in question, by the man who harassed her.


Kesha, patron saint of glitter and all things bright and wonderful, still awaits the chance to unchain herself from her longtime producer, Dr. Luke, whom she alleges raped and abused her, sexually, physically, emotionally, and verbally, for years upon end. Sony, arguably one of the most influential recording labels of all time, contends that Kesha’s ability to work with other producers, should she wish—which she obviously fucking does— should eliminate the need to remove her from Dr. Luke’s label, because it would damage their financial investment.

And finally, yesterday, jurors in the Gawker vs. Hulk Hogan trial awarded a racist piece of shit $115 million, defying the First Amendment in the name of defending the privacy of a man who fucked his best friend’s wife, because god forbid a Yankee homosexual with a black husband profit off the consensual affair of a wrestler with a conservative base from Florida.


If Heather Cole, the woman disastrously featured in the Hogan tapes, was to come forward right now and sue her ex-husband, Terry Bollea, and whomever else she felt like, she would hopefully be entitled to at least 48 cents on the dollar, as that seems to be the going rate for women versus men when it comes to civil suits.

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